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RTI Act in Mamit District


Mamit is one of the districts of Mizoram. This is the administrative unit of Mizoram. All the public works are sanctioned from here, for rural and urban development. This is one of the administrative units of Mizoram, There are several issues that people of Mamit are grappling with, like Flood, droughts, water shortage, poor road connectivity etc. To obtain information from Mamit you need to write an RTI application addressed to the PIO of Mamit District officials, like election officer, Social welfare department, Panchaytiraj and rural development department. For all these issues just one RTI application will help you out. RTI rule for Mamit is given below

Mode of payment of RTI fee for Mamit, Mizoram

Payment of fee can be made through cash against proper receipt, demand draft, banker's cheque, ipo (or court fee stamp) payable to the public information officer, Or to the competent authority as designated by the state government.

RTI Fee for Mamit, Mizoram

Government Fee : Rs. 10 /- only

Sample RTI issues in Mamit District

  • RTI for Industrial development issues.
  • RTI for Passport verification issues
  • RTI for MNREGA wors details, projects completed under MNREGA schemes etc.
  • RTI for MDM issues, corruption in Mid Day Meal.
  • RTI for To know the Cost of projects undertaken by the MLA and MP.
  • RTI for Water problems shortage and sewer problems
  • RTI for Health and sanitation
  • RTI for Education, at primary middle and secondary levels of school.
  • RTI for Birth and death ceRTIficate issues.
  • RtI for Housing development issues.
  • RTI for Police complaint made but no action taken.
  • RTI for Rural and panchayatiraj and rural development works
  • RTI for pf return.

How to file an RTI in Mamit District

You can write an application, wherein mention atop " application under RTI act 2005".
Address is to the competent authority, (need not mention his/her name), simply address to the " public information officer".
In the application mention your question point wise, avoid asking vague questions, ask direct questions.
You can also ask for inspection of public works done in your District
Be specific do not ask vague questions, just ask direct questions. At the end mention your address properly.
And undersign the application, do not forget to take a photocopy for your future references.
At the end of the application make a declaration that you are an indian citizen.

RTI in Mizoram

Mizoram is one of the states of union of india. In this state of Mizoram there are numerous issues that media is hiding and people are eager to know them. Health sanitation problems, Road and transport issues. Despite government's assurances and efforts electricity outages is a common issue here. State transport service is average. Road connectivity of rural areas to urban areas is yet to be accomplished. RTI fee in Mizoram is just rs 10, by way of cash against proper receipt/ipo/ dd/ (court fee stamp), payable to the pio or the officer so appointed by the govt. To collect RTI fees. Time limits for RTI application and first appeal is 30 days from the date of receipt of RTI application in the concerned office. In some cases it is 45 days if the pio has taken help of other officials. In case no reply is received within 30 days from the date of filing RTI, one can go for first appeal, before the official higher in rank of the pio concerned. In case no reply/decision is given by the first appellate authority on can approach information commission of Mizoram with second appeal.

RTI Application Formate For Mamit

RTI Act, 2005 does not provide any specific Format for RTI Application Form or RTI Formate. You can write RTI Application in any Format. However, if you do not know how to write RTI Application just click on Apply now button and Fill the RTI Application form. We will file your RTI for Mamit.

RTI Form in Hindi And RTI Formate for Mamit

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